Light is life. Sirecled is well aware of that and therefore dedicates all its energy and know-how to the development of complete LED lighting systems that can ensure a higher quality of life by facilitating human activity on a daily basis.

Proper lighting fosters people’s well-being, lucidity, health, performance, creativity and productivity. On these grounds, Sirecled specializes in the design, research, production and implementation of smart LED lighting systems in industrial and other work spaces, as well as in public areas.

In a sector that constitutes the future of lighting, Sirecled stands out as it combines its innovative engineering lead with modern design aesthetics, resulting in the creation of LED lighting units that are distinguished for their reliability and their elegant style.


Actions, not words. The daily tasks and projects of Sirecled factually prove the vision and mission of a dynamically evolving company which focuses to the environment and people. Therefore:

The vision of Sirecled is to evolve in one of the key players in the research, development and production of LED luminaires in Europe, always within the framework of sustainable growth.

At the same time, its mission entails the following:
– To offer its clients, such as, complete solutions with high-end products
– To create innovative and environmentally friendly products, providing for the optimum lighting result with the minimum possible consumption
– To add significant value to its clients’ choices, aiming at the decrease of their dependency on energy and the enhancement of their competitiveness.